Brigantine Beach

Brigantine Beach

It has been an excellent start to the school year and we are almost to the end of another successful month in the Brigantine Schools. A few highlights from both the Elementary and Middle Schools range from summer reading recognition and dictionary donations to elementary school ELA curriculum work.

The ProjectREAD program for Middle School students continued this past summer. Students submitted summer reading projects during the first weeks of school through a newly revised program that created more student choice with novel selections. The ProjectREAD program was implemented to support student reading development throughout the year. The projects submitted were a great display of the students’ work over the summer. Thank you to the PTA for continuing to support our programs with the awards they provide for student readers.

The Brigantine Elks Lodge once again connected with the school through their dictionary donation program. The program provides students at identified grade levels with hard copy versions of dictionaries, thesauruses, and Spanish-English dictionaries. Third graders (dictionaries), sixth graders (thesauruses), and eighth graders (Spanish-English dictionaries) received their books from members of the Elks Lodge through the nationwide platform designed to support literacy in young students. Thank you again to the Brigantine Elks Lodge for their work throughout our schools to foster the development of our students.

Curriculum initiatives within our schools continue for this year and beyond. The elementary school reading unit planning began in the summer as teachers revised ELA curriculums to include new instructional designs. Teachers completed Common Core aligned reading unit plans that focused instructional practices on areas of student need and specified skill sets for long-term improved reading for students. Summer training was provided through university-level consultants and the process continues as our staff supportively fine-tunes our programming for students’ success.

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