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The Veggie Valet is a new service offered at the Brigantine Farmers Market this season. Check your bags and continue shopping, or grab your car for curbside pick-up.


There are just three weeks until opening day at the Brigantine Farmers Market. Everyone is excited and asking what’s new this year.

Our Brigantine Farmers Market is a sustainable shopping alternative. Vendors and shoppers are encouraged to use eco-friendly and reusable rather than disposable materials. Last year, the market was plastic bag free. Shoppers and vendors alike made this transition with remarkable ease. Everyone knows to BYOBags.

Added this season will be BYOBottle – water bottle that is. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles. Water will be provided, but no paper cups.

No longer will you have to juggle your shopping bags, watermelon and coffee cup. Veggie Valet, a new free service at the market this year, will be available from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. allowing you to safely check your bags and continue to shop or grab you car for curbside pick-up.

The visual arts will be featured this season with the opening of Art in the Park, a gallery setting showcasing artisans from all mediums. Artists will show their work while some may even demonstrate their craft. The art will be semi-juried and some pieces may be for sale at the end of the market day.

Delicious smells will be wafting over the market from four new food stands. Come to the market for breakfast, pick up lunch takeout and head over to the farmers’ stalls for your farm-to-table dinner.

Other highlights include:

Aloha Bowls – Pick up your handmade granola to take home or grab a granola and fruit breakfast. This sensation in California and Hawaii and has found its way to our island.

Ladles of Luv Soups – Enjoy 14 lovingly made varieties of homemade hot and cold soups. All are low salt and several gluten free. Sold in pints and quarts for eating at the market or take home.

Loving Locavore – Deliciously prepared vegetarian and seafood dishes ready to eat at the market or take home. A “locavore” is one who eats locally grown food whenever possible.

RSK Donuts – Tasty mini donuts and woopie pies made fresh at their stand every Saturday morning.

Unique handcrafted home décor items are wildly popular at our farmers market. Two carefully selected vendors have been added this year.

Cottage Industry Pillows – Beautiful hand-sewn pillows designed in bright to neural colors with seashore and sports themes.

Salty Seas Studios - Unique handcrafted art, décor and games made in Brigantine from a mixture of reclaimed, salvaged and new wood.

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