Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Michael Feely, a writer for the Beachcomber News, is moving from Brigantine. Ordinarily, that would not be a subject for a letter. However, these circumstances are different for they pertain to our community and our government. Therefore, the Brigantine Taxpayers Association believes a public letter of thanks and regret is appropriate.

We thank him for all his volunteer work on behalf of our island, particularly his effective efforts as a leader in the formation and success of BrigStrong, a community group formed to help the victims of Sandy. He also attempted, with the formation and his support of a non-profit foundation, to sponsor a new type of event for Brigantine (successful in other venues), called Blues, Brews and Barbecues. Such a Saturday event in September was designed to bring positive attention to Brigantine, to draw a large attendance, and to help our local economy. He had to cancel it because papers essential to the event weren’t forthcoming on time from the city. The city disagrees. However, it was the unpleasant aftermath of the cancellation - charges made by some local officials that he intended to “hurt” the city with an unnecessary cancellation, that reflect badly on our government. Such an attitude made Mr. Feely reconsider his choice of where he lives and where he volunteers for local activities.

We regret that Mr. Feely was subjected to such false accusations, especially by our government, and that he will be helping another community instead of Brigantine.

Anne H. Phillips

Brigantine Taxpayers Association

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