Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey has been working with municipalities across the state to assist them in implementing smoke- and tobacco-free outdoor recreational ordinances. To date, 314 municipalities have adopted some type of smoke-free/tobacco-free outdoor ordinance.

We are in support of ordinances that protect our kids from secondhand smoke and help to provide healthy role modeling. If Longport passes this proposed ordinance to ban smoking on the beaches and other public areas, it will be the first shore town in Atlantic County to pass such an ordinance. This ordinance should help lead the way for other shore towns to follow suit.

Statistics have shown that outdoor recreational ordinances play a key role in reducing the public health risks of smoking in communities by eliminating secondhand smoke exposure in public areas, reducing litter from tobacco products, and by encouraging smoke-free lifestyles as a social norm. In addition to these proven benefits, it is believed that outdoor recreation ordinances can also help to support smokers in their efforts to quit and can reduce the maintenance and cleanup costs for public areas.

Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey, a grant from the Office of Tobacco Control, Nutrition and Fitness, is able to provide free personalized signage to municipalities that pass a smoke-free/tobacco-free outdoor ordinance. They are also able to provide assistance, materials and resources to help any New Jersey municipality.

Kim Burns

Atlantic Prevention Resources

Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey

Editor's Note: While Longport will be the first "shore town" to adopt a full beach smoking ban, in 2002 the bayfront community of Somers Point  in Atlantic County adopted a broad no smoking ordinance for all recreation areas, which includes the beach at New Jersey Avenue.