Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Thank you to the members of City Council who did not allow the 10 cents per plastic bag proposed ordinance to become the law of the island.

While members of the Green Team have good intentions, you cannot change human behavior by charging them 10 cents/plastic bag. What about plastic bottles and those plastic six-pack can holders that also cause harm to sea life and the environment? Unfortunately, if a slob is going to litter, he or she would just pay the 10 cents and still toss the bag or its contents.

Most Brigantine residents are very conscientious about the proper disposal of plastic bags and trash. Many reuse the plastic bags for kitchen scraps, dirty diapers, dog poo, cat litter remains, etc. and find them necessary for these purposes. Many already use reusable bags when they purchase groceries. Why put an added burden on our consumers and retailers?

Here’s a suggestion: have the Green Team work in concert with the Chamber of Commerce to create a souvenir-type brochure that would be available on retailers’ counters and also given out to those who purchase beach tags and 4x4 permits.

This brochure would explain the problems these plastic bags – and other trash – create and the harm it creates. Explain our unique wind situation and how tossed trash ends up in and harms the ocean and back bays. Mention free positives on the island such as the Mammal Stranding Center, the Historical Society, Shark Park, etc. Include the location of the Recycling Center and its hours and the availability of the Acme’s plastic bag recycling container.

Those who litter need to learn about the negative consequences of their actions. A 10-cent plastic bag charge wouldn’t do it.

Jacqueline Crahalla

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