Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to the Letter to the Editor, August 7, 2015 – a missive that can only be described as elitism at best and something more sinister at worst. There is a campaign to give the impression that there are dangerous boating situations occurring in the Wading Thoroughfare. Mr. Burns claims to have witnessed “a large fleet of stand-up paddlers and kayakers encircled by a herd of rental jet skis … they made it out of the buoy triangle safely …” Why would a large group of stand-up paddlers and kayakers play in an area that has been clearly designated for jet-skis? Who is creating the unsafe situation here?

Here are the facts: The Brigantine Yacht club has allowed unlicensed, neophyte sailors to wander the Wading Thoroughfare in effort to learn sailing. All boaters have given them space to learn. When Brigantine Yacht Club hosts regattas, clogging the Thoroughfare with even more unlicensed novices, most boaters give them space and stay away. In other words – share the water. Mr. Burns claims "he is all for sharing the bay" (generous of him) however, I believe Mr. Burns would like to have the Wading Thoroughfare be considered motor-boat-free zone.

I advise the Brigantine politicians and City Council to carefully consider what some are calling “a call for safety” – and remember that as elected officials they should have the interest of all citizens at heart – not just an elite few who object to sharing.

I am also concerned that the Marine Police are able to respond quickly to real boating issues, instead of being distracted with false calls to police this frolicking in the bay.

Safe boating should be a priority for all of us – as well as tolerance for all. I too have spent 58 years on the beautiful waters of Brigantine and have witnessed all kinds of behavior but this – seems to be the most outrageous behavior of all!

Robin McGeever

Personal watercraft owner

Brigantine Beach Homeowner

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