Letters to the Editor

Writing this poem about Brigantine Beach has brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. My mother and father honeymooned at Brigantine in the 1950s. Every year after, my parents and then later us seven kids would vacation at this very special place.

As a girl, I remember eating at Captain Starn’s Restaurant, feeding the seals and taking the Starn’s sailboat ride with a man that would play his string instrument. I also recall, quite vividly, the Diving Bell and the Diving Horses on Steel Pier. Driving across the old Brigantine bridge was especially fun, because that meant we were finally in Utopia. In later years, the Brigantine Castle helped to make new memories for our family.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my poem as much as I have enjoyed Brigantine Beach. Your town will forever be close to my heart, to my family and now to my husband and children.

Brigantine, New Jersey

Somewhere between the vast Atlantic and Absecon Bay

lies a pristine island where you’ll want to stay

And just beyond the willow’s pass

lies Brigantine’s wetlands; oasis for the piping plover and striped sea bass

The refuge holds dear, its array of waterfowl

such as the marsh-nesting wren and the seaside sparrow

This complex habitat gives sanctity and a haven

to the wondrous seabirds, seascapes and crustaceans

And with Brigantine’s crystal waters and gilded sand

the island is home to marinelife on this breath-taking land

Laughing gulls soar high above the polished beaches

mocking one another in low, methodical screeches

Discerning sandpipers scurry across the South Shore

inebriated with delight; choking back remnants from the ocean’s floor

And just atop the boisterous sea waves

shines the brightest sun; giving life to haunted seagraves

For the Brigantine ships from the very distant past

ran aground jetty rocks; precious riches have amassed

A safe haven for the artificial reef’s creatures

these legendary shipwrecks provide divers with a myriad of underwater features

The ghost ship’s treasures, once lost upon the ocean’s floor

bring back the pirate Captain Kidd as told by ’lore

On moonlit night, on the sands of the Deserted Island

catch a fleeting glimpse of Kidd and his gang latched to the castle’s piling

For the pirate chose the island for its vast array

of fisheries and waterfowl along it’s bay

Alas, I spy Kidd’s seaman’s fleet of longboats coming ashore

with a bounty put upon their heads; quickly burying their hoard

So, whether you’re looking for sunken treasure

or just a relaxing time without measure

There is a quaint, idyllic hideaway

that is sure to let your imagination be set astray

The Brigantine Lighthouse will guide the way

to the renowned Brigantine Golf Course nestled by the bay

Seaside cottages and bungalows are where you’ll reside

as you glance out at the ocean’s ebb and tide

This for sure is the most serene, carefree place without strife

’tis surely, “An island you’ll love for life!”

Donna D. Zeidler Bush

Mechanicsville, MD

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