Just after Thanksgiving, Temple Beth Shalom began an extensive renovation on the interior of our building. We were in need of an accommodating space to hold our weekly devotions. We approached Jim Mogan, recreation director and head of Brigantine CER, and asked if the Community Center could be used.

There was no hesitancy. All that was asked is for how many people and for how long.

Temple Beth Shalom was able to conduct our weekly Friday night service at the CER every Friday, from the end of November until last week, while the transformation to the interior of our building was accomplished.

We were greeted each week by a staff member of the CER. Both Keri O’Connor and Ed Stoltzfus made us feel at home and made sure that we were well cared for and comfortable.

Temple Beth Shalom is now back in our revitalized surroundings.

We thank Jim, his staff and the city of Brigantine for being there for us. Our pledge is that Temple Beth Shalom will be there for the residents of Brigantine any time we are needed.

Jack Lieberman

President, Temple Beth Shalom

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