Two Brigantine firefighter-emergency medical technicians resuscitated a driver recently after a chance encounter in Atlantic City.

Tom Cooker and Kyle Fitzgerald, who were returning to the island after transporting a patient to AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center, came across the driver after stopping at a red light. When the light turned green, the vehicle in front of them failed to proceed.

The two EMTS got out to investigate and found the driver slumped over the steering wheel, unconscious and unresponsive. The victim didn’t respond when they shouted and knocked on the window, so they broke a rear window.

According to the Brigantine Fire Department, the driver was in severe respiratory distress, with diminished breathing and a faint pulse. The rescuers engaged the emergency brake, placed the car in park, moved the victim into the rescue vehicle and began administering oxygen.

Shortly afterward the patient went into cardiac arrest, and they began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. By the time they arrived at the AtlantiCare City Division, the patient had regained a pulse and was breathing, although it was labored.

On Sunday, May 14 members of B Platoon aided the victim of a bicycle accident. Responding in BLS Rescue 3 to a report of the accident, Fitzgerald and Thomas Newcomer found the rider conscious and oriented, complaining of severe lower leg pain with a visible deformity.

They assessed and treated the victim, using a splint to immobilize the suspected leg fracture. Cooker responded in the utility pickup, and once the patient was loaded into the ambulance and transport began to AtlanitCare City Division, he helped get a family member and the bicycles back to their residence.

The Brigantine Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department responded to 21 fire calls and 56 emergency medical service calls from May 1-14.

The fire calls included multiple residential and commercial smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, natural gas leaks inside and outside of homes, motor vehicle accidents, stabilization of a hazardous condition, removal of smoke from a home, and assisting with EMS calls and coverage for a community event.

The EMS calls included cardiac and respiratory emergencies, medical emergencies including stroke, loss of consciousness, seizures, diabetic emergencies, altered mental status, psychiatric emergencies, traumas including lacerations, suspected fractures and assault victims, fall victims, cardiac arrest, and assisting with lifting and moving patients.

The Brigantine Fire Department issued a reminder that while bicycle riding is a fun and enjoyable activity, keeping the activity safe should be a high priority, especially when teaching children.

Hundreds of thousands of children are seriously injured each year in bicycle falls and accidents, and on average, more than 600 children die from bicycle accidents each year, the department stated.

The department advises anyone riding a bicycle to follow these basic safety rules, and to teach them to children who are learning to ride:

— Always wear a helmet when riding a bike, even if you’re only riding around the block.

— When riding in the street, always ride on the right side of the road, along with the flow of traffic.

— Use the appropriate hand signals, and respect all traffic signals and signage.