The City of Brigantine Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department responded to 36 fire calls and 83 emergency medical service call July 24 - Aug. 6.

The fire calls included an electrical outlet fire, multiple residential and commercial smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms, multiple motor vehicle accidents with injuries, multiple water craft rescue assignments in the back bay waters, a downed electrical utility power lines, water leaks inside of homes causing a hazard, multiple natural gas leaks outside of residential structures, the smell of smoke in a residential neighborhood, an odor in a home, an electrical issue in a home, a good intent call, as well as assisting with EMS calls and special event coverage.

The EMS calls included cardiac arrests, cardiac and respiratory emergencies, unconscious patients, allergic reactions, medical emergencies including cerebral vascular accidents (stroke), syncope (loss of consciousness) and altered mental status, traumas due to motor vehicle accidents, animal bites, sports accidents and household accidents, fall victims, water rescue assignments, a pediatric ingestion poisoning, as well as assisting with lifting and moving patients and a few health and welfare checks.