Lady Chrysalis Monarch was created by Randa Minton, Kathy Skimmons, Johanne Milnes, Debbie Pucci and Gina Bergin (not shown).

Gina Bergin / provided

Dear Bed Tender,

Thanks for a great summer. I looked beautiful if I do say so myself. I know a lot of residents and visitors said so, too. They are so grateful to you for the hard work you do to make our island look so positively stunning. The Brigantine Garden Club does so much for the city that some people do not even realize.

I hope you won't forget about me now until spring. (No hard feelings but it has happened.) It would mean a lot to me if we could spend a bit more time together before I settle in for a long winter's nap.

First, take in your Garden Club sign. The winter may cause damage to it. Store it somewhere safe until next spring. Next, a layer of mulch would protect the roots of my bed and help hold moisture in the soil over the winter.

Now the fun part: planting. You can pick up some mums, asters and heucheras at a garden store on sale and spend a day with me in the nice weather. You could fill in some of my bare patches with daffodils and crocuses that will bloom in early spring. Plant now so that the new bulbs have a chance to grow roots before it gets too cold.

There are some things you should not do, however. Wait until spring to fertilize me; I am not hungry right now. Put away the pruning shears until later in winter when my shrubs and bushes have gone dormant. Cutting them too soon is not good and besides it hurts (ouch).

Email your bed tender coordinator if for some reason you will not be able to tend me next season. I will miss you, but I know I will be taken care of by another wonderful volunteer gardener like yourself.

Tell your friends to visit the club's Facebook page, call 266-3685 or email brigantinegardenclub@aol.com . Many, many thanks to the supporters who make donations to help you with your expenses in maintaining my splendor. P.O. Box 53, Brigantine, NJ.

Will you please go to the Community Center to see my club's butterfly lady scarecrow named Lady Chrysalis Monarch. Tell her I said hello and place your vote for her as well. Thanks. Tell your friends. Thanks to Randa Minton, Kathy Skimmons, Johanne Milnes, Debbie Pucci and Gina Bergin for creating her.

In early spring when you are dying to get outside again, I will be waiting for you. Stay warm this winter and I'll see you soon.


Your garden bed

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