Laurel Leigh

Laurel Leigh presents slide show from her trip to Ireland.


The first meeting of the 2018 season was held Monday evening at the Community Center. Refreshments and socializing began at 6:30 p.m. A wonderful presentation by club member Laurel Leigh began at 7 p.m. with amazing slides she took on her vacation to a Victorian Garden in Ireland. The lush beauty of the foliage left us understanding why it is called The Emerald Isle. Thanks, Laurel, for sharing your amazing journey. The door prize, consisting of all green gardening items, was won by Jan Santori.

Debbie Pucci welcomed Gina Bergin to the board to replace Randa Minton, who resigned due to work obligations. Always a hard-worker, Gina volunteered to again chair the Secret Garden Tour. Thanks, Gina, for stepping forward for this most-popular event. We are looking for gardens to feature in this year's tour. If you would like to share your garden, or if you know someone with a beautiful garden that you would like to nominate, please let us know ASAP.

One of our new fundraisers this year will be the selling of geraniums in front of the beach tag office on May 26. Following the success of our first annual poinsettia sale, this should be a successful endeavor.

Debi Ples, city liason, requested if you were formerly a bedtender but are giving up your bed, would you please return your vest. Debi also said now is the time to cut down beach grasses for the season.

There are several beds available in both the North End and the South End. If you would like to be a bed tender, please call our voicemail at 266-3685 and leave a message. Bedtenders receive a small stipend to buy plants and supplies for their beds. You automatically become a club member, but you are not required to attend meetings. Of course, we would love it if you did! Each tender has a choice of what plants to grow, so each bed is unique. Beds are already established, that is, they have perennials already growing. You can add more perennials, or do annuals to fill in. Mulch is supplied by the city. You will receive a T-shirt, vest and gloves.

Also, we are looking for a few more pot tenders to water the seawall pots over the summer. These pots will be placed and planted by the club; they just need maintaining, deadheading etc., and water, water, water often. Please consider joining us in this seawall-beautifying endeavor. The compliments will be rolling in all summer long.

Visit us on Facebook. Email at Send mail to P.O. Box 53, Brigantine, NJ. Donations are always welcome and appreciated. You can purchase a leaf for our memorial tree in the library by sending an application along with $50.

The week ahead: This Sunday, time springs forward. Daylight saving time started in 1918. Happy Pi Day: 3.14, get it? Have some pie on Wednesday. Thursday: Beware the Ides of March.

Brigantine Garden Club puts the "garden" in Garden State. Brigantine rocks!

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