Tuesday, May 15, was sunny, windy and surprisingly warm. Due to the rain storms it was cart path only; however, that didn’t slow the pace of play and the ladies of the Brigantine Women's Golf Association were able to complete the round before the next storm.

This week’s tournament was Crier’s Hole. In this format, each player is permitted to throw out their worst hole for the round, and an eight-hole score is recorded. There are winners in each flight for Low Gross and Low Net. As always, we do a winner in each flight for Low Putts as well.

The results are as follows:

In the A flight, the Low Gross winner with a score of 46 was Lisa Savini. The winner for Low Net, with a score of 38, was Benny Jean Friel. With just 14 putts, Lisa Savini was the winner for Low Putts. Great job, ladies!

For the B flight, the Low Gross winner with a score of 52 was Karen Bew. The Low Net winner, with a score of 41, was Linda Hurtt. With just 14 putts, Karen Bew was the winner for Low Putts. Good job, ladies!

In the C flight, there was a tie for Low Gross, both scoring 58 were Anne Lynne and Carolina Overs. With a score of 49, the Low Net winner was Tina Freedman. With 17 putts, the winner for Low Putts was Lora Constantine. Way to go, ladies!

The contest holes this week were closest first shot on twelve and closest second shot on fifteen. The winner on twelve was Elaine O’Brien at 9 feet, 3 inches. The winner on fifteen was Benny Jean Friel at 5 feet, 7 inches. The mystery prize winner was newcomer to the league Irene Merenda. Congratulations, ladies!

There is still time to join the league! Contact Patti Larson, 732-261-6081, or email bwga14@gmail.com, for more information.

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