We are halfway through July, and flounder season has finally taken off. We weighed in several flounder this week, most less than 4 pounds.

On Monday we weighed in our first doormat of the year. Gerry Scotto caught a 10.29-pound beast at 29 inches to take over July's flounder tournament. This is going to be tough to beat. However, there is always a bigger one out there.

I heard Gerry hooked up inshore on a bucktail and minnow. Keep jigging those S and S Bucktails. If you don't have a boat, you can hook up with a flounder from our jetty, the front beach, the cove and one of my favorite spots, Harrah's Casino.

Our local charter captains have been consistently getting their clients on the fish. Captain John of Babu Sport Fishing had a shark trip Sunday. They hooked seven sharks and brought four to the boat, including a 125- to 150-pound mako. The clients chose to release the mako for another day. They did come home with a nice mahi for some tacos, though. Who doesn't love mahi tacos?

They took out the West family Tuesday and immediately had flounder in the box. The four-hour charter ended with four keepers out of 33 flounder. To book a trip on Babu Sport Fishing call 410-320-9351. Mark Hansen of Treemendous Sportfishing has been having the same results and can be booked at 609-377-9390.

The surf anglers continue to catch kingfish on bloodworms and Fishbites. Where you find one one, you will find more, so simply recast to the same spot. If you don't hook up right away, just reel in a little or cast a little farther next time. They are here.

This is the time of year to hook up with brown and dusky sharks, too. Be careful when you go to release them, as they have a mouth full of sharp teeth. If you can not get your hook free, cut your leader as close as possible to the hook without getting too close to those jaws.

Bayside is stocked with big minnows, fresh cut squid, gulp, ballyhoo and chum. I just got in these cool shark seven-pound chum logs that come in a mesh chum bag for $5.50. Just the ticket. Have a great week!