Joe Neidenger

Joe Neidenger spoke at the last Garden Club meeting on Sept. 11. His topic was Flower Arranging.

Gina Bergin / Submitted

Our last general meeting of 2017 will be 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 2 at the Community Center. President Debbie Pucci says, "Dear Members, We have made several positive changes this year. All of us should be very proud of all the accomplishments we achieved as a Garden Club. To continue on this path for next year, we would like to hear from you your ideas and suggestions for topics, guest speakers, trips, and fundraisers. It is also time to split up some of your plants; please bring them to the October 2 meeting with labels to share with members. Thank you for volunteering and beautifying our Island." Thanks, Debbie. Hope to see a large turnout for this discussion.

We will also be voting for the vacant board position. Come to cast your ballot for either Gina Bergin or Randa Minton to serve in this two-year position. At the end of this summer season, I would like to thank all of the current board members for their hard work all year; Debbie Pucci, Phyllis Glomb, Johanne Milnes, Peg Moore, Kathy Skimmons, Alice Holl, and Julie Watkins. Thanks for giving your time and efforts to help beautify Brigantine.

Goodbye, September. Hello, October.

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all," said Stanley Horowitz.

As the days get shorter and it gets dark sooner, we would like to remind all bed tenders to work in your beds only during daylight hours; after sunrise, before sunset.

Tip: Hydrangeas bloom on growth from the current year as well as previous years. If you prune too much, you will be removing potential blooms. Be sure not to overprune or you will have less blooms the following year. --

Autumn tip: "Trees can tell if your yard has been freshly raked. To encourage them to drop the last of their leaves, rake your yard." -- (You do know that's a joke, right?)

Call our voicemail at 266-3685. Email Check out our Facebook page. Leaves are available for our Memorial Tree which blooms in the library. Mail application to P.O. Box 53, Brigantine.

OK, everyone, make like Humpty Dumpty and have a great fall.

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