It's great seeing so many flounder being caught this week. We have been doing great with the minnow-and-squid combos on a S&S Rattletail Bucktail. Most of the boat traffic has been in our inlet.

Bill Hebling is in first place in our final flounder tournament for 2017 with a 3.99 pounder. Unfortunately for Joe, he was not in the tournament when he caught a 24.5-inch on Saturday. We extended our tournament to the end of the season on Sept. 5. It would be great if the state gave us the three weeks back on the season.

Babu Sport Fishing has been getting their clients on the fish on a daily basis. On one particular trip this past week Dave and Jen nailed a 25.5-inch and a 26-inch fatty along with a 19-inch seabass, their biggest flounder of the season.

Taking the trip offshore to chase down the mighty tuna is never a guarantee, no matter how good the action was the day before. We went out on the Reaper last Wednesday and had a double header within minutes. It's too bad they were false albacore.

We switched gears and dropped anchor and started chunking. We even had television host George Poveromo from Saltwater Sportsman Magazine anchored off our starboard side. After hours of chunking and jigging without a bite, we pulled the hook and started trolling. Dr. Chris took out his wife Alana on this trip, and she brought in our only mahi on the troll. Chris, went back out the following day, they hooked up with a bluefin, yellowfin and a mahi. Captain Art Barstow, Alyse and Joe Ford, went two for three on the tuna.

The surf is still putting up kingfish, brown sharks, duskies and, believe it or not, spot. Yes, the spot are back and hopefully they stick around for awhile. It's time to load up on them for striper season. And those little snapper blues are back with a vengeance. Fun for the kids to catch (use snapper poppers). I'm loaded up with some beautiful ballyhoo, butterfish, sardines and anything else you need for a great inshore or offshore fishing trip. Have a great week!