Letters to the Editor

This past weekend registers as one of those special periods when I’m so very proud to call myself a Brigantiner! The Brigantine Lions Club, lead by Lion Dante Paoloca, sponsored its Annual White Cane Collection in collaboration with Brigantine’s Clean Communities tote bag distribution. Our two WAWAs and ACME provided the venues and our generous residents and visitors willingly contributed to our objective of supporting blind and visually impaired persons. Through the generosity and efforts of all involved, the Brigantine Lions Club is able to meet its charity objective of purchasing our fourth Seeing-Eye puppy. Special supporters of our White Cane event are: Joe Campitelli at Brigantine Clean Communities; Tim Kavanagh at ACME; and Sherri Caterina, Solomon Andemariam and Tom Hassett at WAWA. Our success represents a true Brigantine Team effort combining businesses and community. We, the Brigantine Lions Club, thank all who contributed for their kindness and support of the White Cane Collection. Remember: “Where there’s a need there’s a Lion.”

New Lions candidates may indicate their desire to join by writing to Brigantine P.O. Box 182 or calling 609-266-5901.

Tom Milhous

President, Brigantine Lions Club

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