Cape May Police
Cape May Police

CAPE MAY — The city's police department has designated two locations for the exchange of items bought and sold on the internet, Chief Anthony Marino said in a statement Wednesday.

The move is in response to concern over scams and crime resulting from online transactions and communications, Marino said. Each location will be monitored by police department cameras 24 hours a day, according to a news release.

One spot is at the main entrance to the police department, which is located at City Hall, and the other is at a designated parking space in the rear lot of the building, Marino said.

Both locations will be marked with a green "Meet Up Spot" signs, the release said.

“This is just one way that we can proactively serve the community as a whole by providing safe locations to hopefully prevent an issue from occurring instead of responding to one," Marino said in a statement.

Those interested in using the space for online transactions do not have to contact police beforehand, but they can if they want, Marino said. 

“Citizens both from inside the city limits and outside can exchange goods while feeling secure knowing that the area is being watched thereby limiting any fraud or potential violent situations," Marino said. 

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