VILLAS — A vehicle veered off Bayshore Road and struck a home on McKinley Avenue in Lower Township last week.

An 11-year-old boy and a 32-year-old woman who was babysitting him were inside the house at the time, according to a man on the scene who declined to give his name but identified himself as a brother of the babysitter. The boy was sitting on a sofa when the vehicle came through the wall and struck the sofa, throwing the boy, he said. The boy lost a tooth and was taken to Cape Regional Medical Center for a CAT scan, the man said.

The woman who was also inside the home was not injured, he said.

The driver, Joshua Revak, 27, told Lower Township police that he lost control of his Chevrolet Impala as he headed northwest on Bayshore Road Thursday, Feb. 16. He crossed the center lane, struck a curb, drove across a lawn at 2 McKinley Avenue, hit a fence and ultimately drove into the southeast corner of the home at 101 McKinley Avenue, according to Sgt. Don Vanaman.

The vehicle struck an open porch on the property and drove through the living room wall, Vanaman said. A building inspector and fire officials were on site to make sure the roof of the home is stable, he said.

Vanaman said there were no visible injuries at the scene.

Gary Playford, Lower Township's construction official, said the vehicle's brakes appeared to have failed, causing the accident. Playford said the impact of the crash moved the house off its foundation. The county Regional Urban Search Team based in Wildwood was on the scene and working to stabilize the home.

The man driving the vehicle told police it "locked up," causing him to lose control, Vanaman said.

"Witnesses corroborated what he said, that he was not driving erratic," Vanaman said of the driver, whom he described as about 30 years old. "He just couldn't control the car."

Vanaman said the vehicle's airbag deployed, but the driver was evaluated at the scene and did not need medical treatment.

Vanaman said the Villas Volunteer Fire Department and Lower Township Rescue Squad were also on the scene.

The cause of the crash is under investigation, Vanaman said.

Staff Writer Christopher South contributed reporting.

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