Is 4.7 percent unemployment and the stock market at 20,000 American carnage?

Since Sept. 11, 2001, there has been no attack on the homeland. Is that American carnage? Are we still the number one economy in the world? Don’t we have the strongest military in the world? Trump says America first. We are first in so many areas.

ISIS must be defeated, but we are halfway there now. Soon it will happen and Trump will take credit. There is and will be a lack of credibility. Have all the facts been released on the Russian connection? Time will tell. Far too many questions remain. What are we, as Americans, to believe? As with the intelligence community and the press, is everyone wrong and misleading? As for Trump, words have power. Therefore, when a (proven) lie is told, it resonates.

Recently, I watched an ethics discussion on Fox between Tucker Carlson and Kimberly Gailfoyle. This is the same entity that has been overseen by years by a misogynist with a program hosted by a bully and rightwing journalist at 10 p.m. who supports Trump and the Russians. This network has quality journalists who are abandoning it – Megan Kelly and Greta VanSustern, with more to come. Ethics is a lost word in today’s vernacular. It has been replaced by spin and outright lies. A recent examples is the statement by Kellyann Conway who talks of “alternative facts.” We are a failing society and have been since 1980. In 1980, the American voter elected an actor who sold arms for hostages, known as Iran-Contra, and was never convicted. In 1992, we elected a misogynist who was never convicted. In 2000, we elected an incompetent who started the illegal Iraq war, and never convicted.

Now it is 2016 and we have elected a pseudo-entrepreneur. We’ve yet to see the damage he will do. We still talk ethics; watch what this guy will do to the ethics people. It will fall under the heading of cover up. Trump has a toy general as his National Security Advisor, an Alabama bigot as his Attorney General, and a non-scientist as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. These people do not meet the standard. We are definitely headed in the wrong direction.

Question: do we know if Trump has outstanding loans with Russian and Chinese banks? If so, how would he disprove this if refusing to disclose his taxes? Was Trump, as has been said, a useful tool for the Russians? Many believe so. Remember that the Obama administration entered office with a 60 percent approval rating. Trump has 40 percent. Are there really 3 to 5 million people who voted illegally? Prove it.

We now have three branches of government controlled by Republicans. They will lower your taxes, thus increasing the deficit. They will raise defense spending. When they decide to balance their deficits they will do so by trying to eliminate programs such as Medicare and Social Security. They will try to impose things such as vouchers and other camouflage to reach their goal. Allow me to say that intellectual idiots voted against their own best interests.

I’m afraid our “Great Negotiator” will put our country in jeopardy. Wake up, America. Hopefully we will return to sanity before too long.

William J. Murphy

Cape May