We have only two choices in this election.

We can either vote for our first woman president, a woman with integrity, with progressive programs to end student debt, transition to a world free of fossil-fuel energy by 2030, create 30 million new jobs rebuilding our infrastructure, replace our oil-based energy systems with green ones, end our wars for oil and cut our war budget in half, and much more. Or, we can vote for a candidate who no one likes but everyone fears, who will benefit only the 1 percent, and seeking only their own enrichment. In other words, it’s a choice between the Green Party’s Jill Stein or Donarry Clumpf — those conjoined twins who appear as two opposing candidates, but are really red and blue puppets on the hands of a kleptocrat behind a curtain, putting on a Punch and Judy show to entertain the adults and scare the children. The kleptocrats have gamed the “two-party system” out of existence. It’s time to take our country back, not from one imaginary party or the other, but from the kleptocrats who now own them. How do your interests really align with the candidates? Take the survey at isidewith.com. Got spoiler fear? Banish it at burnmyvote.org, where you’re matched with another non-duopoly voter. Neither of you then need to feel guilt or fear, since your two votes will not affect the duopoly totals. Instead of feeling compelled to choose the lesser of two evils, you can choose the greater good.

Choose Jill.

Jay Spencer