Letters to the Editor

First it was Reagan with huge tax breaks who was forced to raise taxes 12 times.

Next it was G.W. Bush with his higher tax reductions (1.35 T).

Result. No trickle down.

Now it’s Trump with identical tax reform, but actually tax reduction for the wealthy, including himself.

No trickle down.

However, we have a national debt of $20 trillion. This reform is likely to add to our debt about $5 trillion at a minimum. Again we’re headed nowhere as a nation but down. Doesn’t a standing definition of insanity apply here? America was stable and great when taxes were invoked at a higher level. Remember when Clinton raised taxes and created 21 million jobs and left our economy in excellent shape for George W. to destroy? Remember the crises of 2008? We very well may see it again. When the stakes are so high, why should we select insanity over survival? Why in the meantime should multi-millions of people be eliminated from Medicaid? To make room for tax cuts. This will be the largest transfer of funds from the poor to rich in American history. Remember another Trump campaign promise to protect Medicare? What’s next, Social Security?

The bottom line being, let the poor die and the affluent improve their life. Two books to analyze this problem are “Greedy Bastards,” by Dylan Ratigan, and “Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America,” by Kate Zernike.

Webster defines sick as: Unwholesome, morbid, disgusted and weary. Tell me what comes after sickness if not life? Life will metastasize for all those who lose their health care.

Is America becoming great again? Ugh.

William Murphy

Cape May

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