The Cape May County Chamber of Commerce revealed a new logo this week in a Facebook live announcement.

Vicki Clark, chamber president, said that for about the past 20 years, the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce logo has represented the county’s natural surroundings.

“Pretty much everyone knew it as the logo with the butterfly,” Clark said.

The chamber has been growing, and it was time to update the image and logo, Clark said.

For the past year, the chamber’s marketing and communications committee researched colors and designs and came up with a logo that says Cape May County in capital letters at the top. The word Chamber is on the second line in capital letters in larger type than Cape May County.

Block lettering represents the strength of the chamber as the largest business organization in the county, Clark said.

The words Cape May County Chamber are in bright green. Green was selected to represent commerce and the county’s environment, ecotourism and agriculture, Clark said.

The words are above four waves of the color blue, which is the second dominant color of the logo.

Blue represents: the waters surrounding the county peninsula, which are important for the tourism, fishing and aquaculture industries; blue skies that are important to the county’s tourism industry; and the core values of the chamber, which include confidence and being dependable, Clark said.

The waves also represent the flow of chamber programs, benefits and activities that invest in the business community, Clark said.