If you’re looking to bet on the Feb. 4 Super Bowl and are considering taking the underdog Philadelphia Eagles, the Cape May County Park & Zoo wants to let you in on the edge it has: His name is Walter.

The 10-month-old Bactrian camel picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl on Wednesday afternoon, according to the zoo.

The zoo first wanted its older camel, Marty, to pick the winner, but the stress was too much for the dromedary.

So the younger Walter had to step in.

At first, the two-hump ungulate was excited for the attention as it was asked to walk toward either an Eagles or Patriots jersey. First, Walter walked right between the Carson Wentz and Danny Amendola jerseys.

“The simple indecision makes it sound like it’s going to be a close game,” said Kevin Wilson, a curator with the zoo.

After walking between the jerseys, Walter came back around to sniff both shirts before he began to chew on the Eagles jersey.

At the moment, the Eagles are a 5- to 5.5-point underdog to the Patriots. So if you haven’t placed your bets yet, at least you have this inside bump (or hump) to help with your decision.

Camels can live up to 40 or 50 years. Let’s hope Walter doesn’t have to wait that long for another chance to predict an Eagles Super Bowl.

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