Extended Range IOLs
Extended Range Intraocular Lenses Redefine Cataract Surgery


he holy grail of cataract surgery in the last
decade has been to provide our patients with
the most natural vision possible with the least
need for glasses. This ongoing effort over the
last 15 years has culminated with the Symfony
Extended Depth of Focus Intraocular Lens (IOL).

With the tremendous advances in the technology
and techniques of cataract surgery over the last
20 years, success rates are at an all-time high
exceeding 99%. Over 2 million cataract surgeries
were performed in the U.S. alone last year.
The Symfony IOL works by spreading light over
an extended range within the eye, allowing a full
range of continuous high-quality vision. This is
a breakthrough in the field of optics, since other
surgically implanted lenses focus at a single
distance, usually far. To focus on near objects,
reading glasses are usually needed. Patients who
choose the TECNIS Symfony® lens are very
likely to have little or no need for glasses after
Previous attempts at providing independence
from glasses (multifocal IOLs) produced a
low but unacceptable rate of glare and haloes.
Multifocal IOLs split the light into 2 distinct
focal points which increased glare and haloes
in some individuals and left gaps in the area
of clear vision, especially at arm’s length, e.g.
computer and tablet viewing, shopping, cooking,
etc. Symfony provides a significantly better
solution by elongating the focus, which results in
an increased depth of field. Clinical studies have
shown that this lens provides high-quality vision
in day and night conditions with very little halo
or glare.

The signature benefit of the Symfony IOL is that
it also comes in a toric form allowing patients
with astigmatism to have the opportunity to
achieve excellent vision at distance and near.
Since upwards of one-third of people undergoing
cataract surgery have significant astigmatism,
they too can take advantage of the full range of
continuous high-quality vision.
If you have cataracts, ask us about your options.
If surgery is recommended, this new type of
intraocular lens may be right for you.

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