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Students Love Learning at

HigHLand academy!
STem Learning

Students love to create, we often use Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math activities to
stimulate creative and inventive ideas.

Science eXPerimenTS

and science concepts are taught using everyday materials.

PrOJecT baSed Learning is often school
wide. Presentations of these projects strengthen public
speaking skills.

Inspiring young creative minds through an

innOVaTiVe arT PrOgram

culminating in an annual art show.
We do not forget about

TradiTiOnaL cLaSSrOOm Learning.

We strive to create an educational environment suitable
for all intelligence areas to ensure all students are learning
regardless of their preferred learning style.
Highland Academy plans

SOciaL eVenTS

handheld devices often limit face to face socialization.

such as bowling nights, school
dances and paint nights.
Interaction with a peer diverse
group is important in today’s
society, as interacting with

THeaTer and mUSic PrOdUcTiOnS

include all students and they have performed at ACCC and
Stockton University.

FieLd TriPS

are a fundamental part of
Highland’s curriculum. Trips
to history, science, and art
museums, theatrical and
musical performances are
scheduled monthly.