PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that an application has been made to the Planning/Zoning Board of the City
of Brigantine, Atlantic County, New Jersey, in Case No. 25-2016 concerning the property located at
4513 Atlantic-Brigantine Boulevard, Brigantine, New Jersey and designated on the municipal tax map
as Block 5701, Lot 5.
The applicant proposes to construct a side-by-side, two-unit duplex condominium complex.
The purpose of the application is to seek a “D” use variance from Section 198-37(5) of the Brigantine
Municipal Code, which permits duplex as conditional uses in the R-8 residential district, provided that
the site complies with the conditions listed in Section 198-37(B). The site meets every requirement
except lot depth where 83.2 feet exists and 90 feet is required.
The applicant also seeks any other variances, waivers, exceptions or interpretations that may be
All documents pertaining to the application may be inspected by the public at the Brigantine Public
Library at 201 15th Street South, Brigantine, New Jersey and the City Manager’s Office in City Hall
during regular business hours.
The application has been listed for a public hearing at the Board’s Meeting on Wednesday, December
14, 2016 at 6 p.m., at the Council Chambers, City Hall, 1417 W. Brigantine Avenue, Brigantine, where
all interested parties will have an opportunity to be heard.

Printers Fee $50.00, 12-2-16

Ralph Paul Busco
245 34th Street South (Until 11/30/16)
2904 W. Brigantine Avenue (As of 12/1/16)
Brigantine, NJ 08203
(609) 266-0900
Attorney for Applicant
4513 Atlantic-Brigantine Blvd LLC