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Shore Ortho Healthy Tips:

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spring cleaning

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Managed by: NovaCare Rehabilitation
As the temperature warms people are
energized to do some spring cleaning. But
house cleaning can be very hard on muscles
and the skeletal structure!
Keep yourself injury-free and pain-free
by following these simple rules – never twist,
rotate or overextend your back, neck and
Twisting and turning movements put
increased compression on the spine and
neck. To avoid problems, keep the machine
close to the front center part of your body
and push the vacuum in front of you while
walking in a long line and then pull back
using the same motion. Never push and
pull the handle back and forth with short
vinyl and tile Floors:
Mopping is recommended instead of scrubbing on your knees. Mop small segments
in front of you, pushing forward and then
backward without leaning forward. The key
is to keep the mop in front of you while
standing with your back straight.
Keep your feet level on the ground (or
ladder/step stool) and you’re back straight.
Your head should be in a straightforward
position, not tilted back or upward for a
long period of time. To reduce your chances
of falling, never climb on furniture or windowsills to clean windows.
Kneeling outside the tub and then bending

and stretching forward is not recommended. Instead, stand outside the tub with your
spine in a straight position and use a mop
to clean tile walls and the tub. If you need
to really scrub, climb in the tub and bend at
the knees, not at the waist.
You’ll never avoid a few achy muscles
from time-to-time, but following these
simple tips can help make spring cleaning
safe and void of mishaps.
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