Holiday banners welcome shoppers to Ventnor’s business districts

Holiday banners line the Dorset and Wellington Avenue business districts.

VENTNOR – Holiday shopping will be a little more festive this year with the addition of holiday banners erected along the Dorset and Wellington Avenue business districts.

The Nights in Ventnor Go Green boat parade group purchased 30 double-sided vinyl banners, which come with a five-year warranty if they are up continuously, parade organizer Diane Birkbeck said.

“These will only be up until the end of January, so they should last us a long time,” she said.

The banners have green holiday trees on the red background and welcome shoppers to Ventnor.

“It’s a green initiative because we are not using fossil fuels to light them, but they still look festive,” Birkbeck said.

The city’s Public Works Department erected the banners high enough so they don’t interfere with trash trucks and street sweepers, Birkbeck said.

“We marked the poles to have a solid presence,” she said.

The banners cost about $5,000 and were funded with proceeds from the group’s sixth annual boat parade held in August, a fundraiser at Vagabond and personal and business donations.

“We raise the money, but we want everyone to know that it goes right back into the community,” Birkbeck said.

The group’s long-term goal is to have seasonal banners throughout the city.

The Nights in Ventnor Go Green Parade, which includes a flotilla of people-powered boats, kayaks and sculls using no fossil fuels, is held annually on the first Saturday in August. To see the winners of the last parade, go to

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