MARGATE — Deputy Chief Dan Adams was sworn in as the city’s new fire chief Thursday, Feb. 15, at Historic City Hall.

The meeting room was packed with family and friends including members of the Fire Department, along with former Chief Anthony Tabasso and the chiefs of other area fire companies.

Commissioner of Public Safety John Amodeo administered the oath of office. Adams’ wife, Susie, held the Bible, accompanied by their children Katie Kresz, 24, Meghan, 21, and Daniel, 18. Susie Adams pinned a gold badge onto his uniform.

“Dan is the most qualified, capable, and more importantly, willing person to lead the Margate Fire Department,” Tabasso said. “He’s been preparing for this for this since he was hired as a rookie firefighter more than 27 years ago.”

Tabasso said Adams possesses a strong work ethic and will always do what is right for the city and the residents.

“Being chief was something I grew into and took ownership of, but Dan has prepared for it for his whole life,” Tabasso said. “I will always be here for him.”

Tabasso recalled working with Adams to save the life of a resident who had suffered a heart attack on the day their promotions became official, and how Adams provided valuable assistance to get the firehouse rebuilt to current standards.

“I have so many other stories I could tell about him,” Tabasso said.

Amodeo said he first met Adams when he coached him on the baseball diamond when he was 13 years old, and proved himself to be “an outstanding individual who cared about people.”

Adams has followed the footsteps of his grandfather and father who were both firefighters. His father Bill Adams was the volunteer fire chief in Longport, Amodeo said.

“It’s his heritage and what he learned as a young kid — to save lives, to protect people and do all the right things,” Amodeo said. “We are very proud to have him as our new chief.”

Adams started his firefighting career at age 17 as a volunteer and was later hired as a full-time firefighter in Margate. He rose through the ranks to lieutenant, captain and deputy chief, where he served as second-in-command for the last eight years with Tabasso in the lead.

“I take pleasure in having served with him for all those years,” Tabasso said. “I commission him to further the work that we started together.”

Adams thanked those who mentored him over the years.

“I looked forward to this day my whole life,” Adams said with emotion. “Chief Jones, you know the day I got hired that I wouldn’t stop until I got to this position.”

“Nobody is more deserving than you are,” said Mayor Michael Becker, who also coached Adams in Little League.

“We are truly lucky and blessed to have him as our new chief,” Commissioner Maury Blumberg said. “We are in great hands to have Dan in the lead.”

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