Amelia Erhart

4-year-old Amelia Earhart vacationed on the beach in Longport in 1901.

Longport Historical Society

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Four-year-old Amelia Earhart played in Longport on the 17th Avenue beach in 1901. Although the Atchison County Historical Society Museum in Kansas writes that Amelia was in Cape May, we are able to identify it as Longport because of the three distinctive homes in the distant background. These houses are the McCullough and Lovett homes on 21st Avenue and the Remington house on 20th Avenue, the future site of the "Flying Nun."

Why was Amelia in Longport? We were told Amelia’s father originally worked as a lawyer for a midwestern railroad company and that he had the use of a private railroad car for travel before his career tumbled due to alcoholism.

Amelia Earhart had one more tie to the East Coast. After graduating from high school in Chicago, she enrolled at the Ogantz School for Girls in Abington, Pennsylvania, in 1916. She left during her second year there to serve as a nurse’s aide in a Canadian hospital for wounded World War I soldiers.

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