Letters to the Editor

The passing of Joanne Kulzer is indeed a loss for the city of Margate.

Since her appointment to the school board by Mayor Reale, she never deviated from her solemn, sworn oath of office. Others have blithely taken the same oath, but not Joanne.

She possessed what many others lacked, a moral and ethical compass. Swearing to uphold the New Jersey Constitution had true gravitas and meaning for Joanne.

Her goal was to abide by its express written mandate for a "thorough and efficient" education, and the greatest tribute school board officials could pay to Joanne would be to emulate her steadfast devotion to this principle.

Do recall her clarion call back in August of 2015: "The board has a financial responsibility, and this is like a blank credit card ... to have nine children in a classroom ... when I tell my friends who are teachers in other districts in the county, their jaws drop. They can't believe it." (The Current, Aug. 31, 2015).

Joanne's honesty, integrity, and guts will be most sorely missed. Don't expect Mayor Becker to find someone remotely capable of filling her shoes. It simply doesn't fit his agenda of wretched excess and unbridled notions of endless, self-serving entitlements.

John Sewell


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