Letters to the Editor

The Ventnor City commissioners need a reality check in their quest for $20.8 million in additional bonded indebtedness. Haven't they heard Atlantic County leads the entire nation in foreclosures? Confiscatory property taxes, the very highest of any state in the nation, play a major role in this fiscal fiasco.

Folks can't afford more year after year of tax increases. Senior citizens are in dire economic straits, just barely getting by as it is. The Ventnor Avenue business district is a pathetic shambles of vacant and shuttered storefronts. Higher taxes are the straw that breaks the camel's back!

They are a millstone around the necks of not only today's taxpayers, but their children and grandchildren as well. First and foremost, Ventnor must strive to be an affordable community for all.

The commissioners are oblivious to the obvious that you simply can't live beyond your means. Their tax and spend mindset simply is not sustainable. It is imperative this staggering bonded indebtedness be scraped or sharply curtailed posthaste.

If the commissioners have the courage of their convictions, then let their constituents have some input with a nonbinding referendum. They then shall learn they are totally out of sync with common sense and the commonweal.

John Sewell


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