Letters to the Editor

Thank you for writing the article about the ridiculous plans to do a project over the summer that could certainly be done at another time. It is amazing how they now adjust the plan because Margate could afford an attorney to block theirs and it is now going to be done in Ventnor.

Regardless, does anyone in Trenton have any common sense?

As you may already be aware, Ventnor and other shore communities do depend on summer visitors who specifically go to the beach for recreation and vacation. Additional revenue not present from September to June pours in for business and state incomes during June, July and August.

Perhaps those who make the plans for beach replenishment can think about the risks versus benefits in a more appropriate manner such as, planning this project for April, May and June, or September, October and November when the conditions are more likely to meet all goals.

Marsha Sall


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