Students at the Ventnor Educational Community Complex were bright-eyed and ready to learn on the first day of school Thursday, Sept. 7.

Middle School Principal Robert Baker said students were in for a big surprise as the school will be implementing television broadcasting into the curriculum. Room has been set aside for a studio, including a green screen and video recording equipment, and students will soon be writing scripts for their daily morning broadcasts, he said.

The school will also be implementing a one-to-one devices program that will allow every student to have a laptop computer or tablet to do their work.

"We piloted it in fifth grade last year and decided to expand it to all grade levels," Baker said.

The entire school underwent major improvements over the summer, including installation of a new roof and HVAC system.

"All the hallways were painted and ceiling tiles were replaced," he said. "It's important to take pride in the school."

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