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Local businesses often offer merchandise unique to the area.

Ever notice whenever you’re in a different city that you find yourself going into the local shops?

When many people travel they like to visit the local shops to see what interesting items they have to offer. The items for sale in these shops usually reflect the culture and history of the area. It is there that people find the unique items they would like to gift or keep for themselves.

As the gift-giving season begins, it’s good to consider buying your gifts at locally owned businesses. There is a community advantage when people buy from the local stores and dine in the local restaurants. For one, a greater portion of the money stays in the local economy; another is that they provide a wide range of community services.

While large chain stores sell products at discounted rates, it is the local stores that give the community its heart and soul.

Small shop owners have more of a vested interest in what they sell and have a greater desire to satisfy their customers. They are more versed on their product and can help steer you in the right direction for that hard to find item. They can help you find that more meaningful, unique gift. For that hard-to-find gift for someone, gift certificates to an unfamiliar restaurant may introduce someone to a new dining experience or to a new favorite store to shop.

When shopping for gifts at local stores, you are actually expanding your gift giving. You not only purchase the item for the intended person, but you support the local merchants. The owners can employ people so they can earn a living, and the community benefits by adding vitality and commerce to the town.

Please consider supporting your local merchants when holiday shopping. If we want them to be there for us, we need to be there for them.

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