Madelyn Fox, an eighth-grader, joins Anita Robinson of Margate in a jewelry making workshop at the Bloom Pavilion.

Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

MARGATE – Students in the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School National Junior Honor Society spent the afternoon Wednesday, Feb. 8 making jewelry and having lunch with senior citizens at the Martin Bloom Pavilion. Some students wore their Camp Tighe T-shirts to show their school spirit.

The students worked in groups with senior citizens to make bracelets and necklaces, and selected beads of all shapes and sizes from trays set up on long tables in the senior meeting space. Jewelry making is an ongoing activity at the pavilion.

Alana DePrisco of Ventnor volunteers her time once a month to teach seniors how to make jewelry.

“Some of them bring in their old jewelry to update it,” DePrisco said.

And spending time with seniors at the Bloom Pavilion is an ongoing activity for students at the Tighe School.

“I like coming here to get out and meet other people besides kids our own age,” student Rebecca Krauss said.

The seniors enjoy being around the teens, they said.

“The kids are so much better than I am at doing this,” senior Marcia Chotiner of Margate said. “They are so creative.”

After the jewelry making session, the students and seniors enjoyed pizza and salad for lunch.