VENTNOR — Dina Engel and Sherry McCracken of Ventnor, film producers and co-owners of Little Rock Films and Studios here, have released their third feature film, “American Gothic,” available on demand starting Oct. 24.

They teamed up with producers Stuart Connelly and Mary Jo Barthmaier on the project. The movie, which is about a home invasion, was filmed at Connelly’s 300-year-old Chester County, Pennsylvania, home, which sits on 14 acres. The film takes advantage of the house’s "eccentricities," according to a press release.

“Instead of just imagining a generic house and thinking ‘This happens, then this happens,’ I walked through a story room by room,” Connelly said. “My house helped write the picture.”

New York City actress Rochelle Boström plays one of the farm’s owners.

Connelly said Hollywood films are all about magic, and he used the property to create a highway, forest, house and dungeon, all aspects of the script. The home's layout figures in the plot.

McCracken was director of photography. 

“It has some of the best, most complicated characters I’ve seen in movies for a long time, horror or otherwise," said Engel, who heads up the cast as a local cop.

The film won awards for best horror feature, best actor for Mark Barthmaier, and best cinematographer for  McCracken at the 2016 Atlantic City Cinefest, according to the release.

Viewers can check local listings on Comcast, Verzion, Dish Network, Charter, Cox Communications, Frontier and Time Warner. The trailer can be viewed at

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