EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — A family of eight escaped without serious injuries from a fire that gutted a home in the Cardiff section of the township Sunday morning.

“This is a story that gives God the glory,” homeowner Patty Getty said Monday, as friends and neighbors were gathered on the street outside the two-story home on the 100 block of Lehigh Avenue.

“Something electrical happened,” Getty said, adding the fire started on the right side of the house.

Police and the fire inspector did not return a request for comment.

Getty said she came home from grocery shopping about midnight Saturday and decided to take a nap in her van so she wouldn’t soak and damage the interior from the rain bringing groceries inside the house.

When she woke up about 3 a.m. Sunday, she said, she heard a buzzing and cracking. She looked to her left and saw orange.

“I realized, oh my goodness, it’s a fire,” she said.

She ran into the house and yelled to her six children and husband to get out. As they exited through a back door, the blaze intensified.

Her husband, while attempting to hose the fire down, burned the top of his head and blistered his right arm, she said. But no one else was injured.

“If I hadn’t stayed (in the van) I wouldn’t have seen it,” Getty said. “It’s all God’s timing.”

For now, the family is staying next door at Getty’s brother’s house, and they’ve received donated clothing. A GoFundMe page had raised $3,413 of a $25,000 goal by late Monday afternoon.

“God provides,” Getty said. “He provided a way out and a way to take care of things.”

To contribute to the Getty family’s GoFundMe, visit

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