EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — The township fire official on Monday shut down the Inn of the Dove citing a fire alarm system that didn't work, and 20 residents are looking for a new place to live.

“There’s no working fire alarm in the complex,” Fire Official Don Stauffer said at the scene. “Everyone was advised to leave.”

A spokesman at the Inn of the Dove declined comment Monday evening.

Nicole Crammer, 34, has been a resident of the hotel since August and isn’t sure where she’s going to go.

“The hotel manager has not notified us where we’re going to go,” she said. “There are a few different people concerned about where they’re going to be going.”

The building’s fire alarm system has been in disrepair since she moved in, Crammer said, with false alarms at least twice a month.

Over the weekend, the Cardiff Volunteer Fire Company was called to the motel six times for false alarms, Stauffer said. The false alarms prompted officials to close the building and eject residents until a working system is put in place.

Police officers went to each of the 30 units and found only six occupied rooms, Winkler said, adding that police will conduct a property check Monday night to make sure all the residents had vacated the property.

“It’s up to management,” Winkler replied when asked where the residents will go. "Or they’re going to have to care for their own.”

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