I want a copy of this letter sent to Mayor James "Sonny" McCullough in reference to giving recognition to members of the Egg Harbor Township Rescue Squad.

They are to be commended for their professionalism, medical training, patience and understanding; their ability to talk to victims and their family members when they are hurt, ill, in medical crisis or upset; and for creating a calming atmosphere for people, sometimes even telling a little joke so families can deal with what is happening.

The rescue squad has responded to my house for different medical situations. Their response was quick and their service, impeccable.

Recently my father, who is 85 and walks with a walker, suffered a fall in our house, and they were there in minutes.

My father hit his head against our front door, fell to the floor and was bleeding from the forehead. I knew what to do and that was to control the bleeding, keep him calm, find out where his injuries were and not to move him.

Even though I was calling 9-1-1 and holding a towel to his head, and was panicky and crying at the same time, I knew the rescue squad would come quickly - and they did.

My mother was very upset, but when we saw our township rescue squad come, we both felt relieved because we knew my father was in good hands.

I'm sorry to say that I don't remember the names of the two men who responded, however, they were great to my father. Because of their skills and training, they took control of the situation and calmed all of us to the point where we had hope that my father would be OK.

And I'm very grateful to these men because they joked with my mom and calmed here down because she suffers from high blood pressure, and they continuously reassured her that my father would be OK.

Fortunately my dad only suffered a small laceration to his forehead and did not break any bones, after careful examinations by these two men. My father recovered quickly and is doing very well today due to these two men who represent the Egg Harbor Township Rescue Squad.

Also, I would like to thank the dispatchers who quickly put out the call, and one more thank you to paramedic Michael McNamara and the medics he works with because they also have been at our house in the past for medical crises.

A big thank you to all these medical people. May God bless them everyday when they risk their lives to save ours in Egg Harbor Township. And to all the people in our township, support our rescue squad because we all need them and they need us.

Joseph Geralis

Egg Harbor Township