Letters to the Editor

I have five decades of experience, education, training and knowledge in the health field. Recently I received a flyer in the mail touting Chris Brown’s efforts with regard to Atlantic County women’s access to affordable health care.

The flyer said Chris Brown was a sponsor of S792. As Brown is not in the Senate, he is not able to sponsor Senate bills. Brown did co-sponsor A2022, an identical bill to S792. He was one of 25 co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle in the Assembly.

The flyer stated Brown crossed party lines to safeguard funding for preventative healthcare services. This is patently false.

This legislation had four committee hearings, two each in the Senate and the General Assembly. No one voted against this legislation in the hearings. There were four votes taken in the Senate, one on the second reading, one on an amendment in the Senate, one for the third and final passage and one to concur with an Assembly amendment. No one voted no on this legislation. There were two votes taken in the Assembly; one to substitute S792 for A2202. The other vote in the Assembly was for third and final passage. Again no one vote no.

It is not enough that Brown’s votes were taken in 2012 and 2013. If no one voted no at any time on this legislation how did Brown cross party lines? Lying about the role one played in passing legislation is characteristic of Brown’s claims to supporting legislation.

C. Neill

Egg Harbor Township

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