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EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP — Residents who haven’t cleared the snow from their sidewalks and around their mailboxes may be experiencing a delay in their mail delivery service.

Ray Daiutolo Sr., a U.S. Postal Service media relations representative for South Jersey, said in an email that during bad weather, mail carriers are instructed to use their good judgment when they encounter a potential hazard on their route.

“I understand our carriers are out attempting to deliver mail throughout the district,” Daiutolo said.

“There may be isolated instances where a street is not plowed, a mailbox is blocked or knocked down or a sidewalk is not clear,” he added. “In those cases the carriers will err on the side of safety and reattempt delivery the next day.”

Melissa Vola of Egg Harbor Township said she hasn’t had mail delivered since Wednesday.

A carrier delivering Amazon Prime packages on Sunday told her that it is up to the homeowner to remove snow around the mailboxes enough for the postal truck to pull in and out, Vola said.

“I’m understanding about the situation,” she said. “I know there are a lot of really upset and frustrated people that think it should be delivered to them no matter what.”

Deliveries may be delayed due to dangerous conditions for carriers, or snow piles making mailboxes inaccessible, according to Mayor James “Sonny” McCullough.

“The rule is, if you’re pavement isn’t cleared, they’re not responsible for bringing mail to your house because it’s dangerous,” he said.

On Jan. 5, a notice was posted on the U.S. Postal Service website about the possibility of a delay in service.

“Due to winter weather conditions, including ice, high winds and drifting snow in some parts, there will be a possibility of late and non-deliveries for some residential and business customers,” stated the post on the Service Disruption Alert page for the Northeast.

“Delivery is being attempted in all locations, and every attempt will be made to deliver where there is access to receptacles.”

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