EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP – Some 100 to 200 Egg Harbor Township High School students staged a walkout at about 11 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29 to protest a decision by the administration to discipline students who were involved in making a music video on school grounds that went viral over the weekend. 

The video, filmed like a music video with the soundtrack of a profanity-filled rap song called "Outro" by Meek Mill, begins with images of the outside of the school and then shows interior scenes of teens playing dice in a restroom, dancing, standing on desks and an altercation in a hallway.

On Monday, Nov. 28, the district posted a message on its Facebook page stating that school officials had notified local law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s Office about the video and would conduct its own investigation.

According to social media reports, the student or students involved in making the video were suspended for 10 days.

Interim Superintendent Donna Haye said that while she could not discuss specifics regarding student discipline, rumors that some students were expelled are not true. She also said no student lost any privileges such as attending prom or walking at graduation.

She said the administration is still working with authorities who are reviewing the video and will make recommendations to the district.

According to a student who participated in the walkout, the administration gave students an "ultimatum" prior to the walkout.  

"They had the option to go inside and have a discussion Thursday, Dec. 1 in the school auditorium or stay out and face consequences," said senior Gianni Fiore. "The consequences were not specified."

Haye said she attended the walkout and said it was “very orderly.”

“All of the students returned to the building. The principal and vice principals acknowledged the students’ concerns and took note of them and are taking steps to address them,” she said. “Our main concern continues to be the safety and security of our students within the building.”

Fiore said the administration announced that a meeting would be held after school Thursday, Dec. 1 to discuss student rights, and that a large turnout is expected.

The video had been removed from YouTube on Monday, but as of Tuesday evening was back online. View it HERE.  Warning: The content may be offensive to some; viewer discretion is advised. 

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