A lot of young anglers were on the water last weekend sneaking in one last outing before school started up. Many of the youngsters were getting lots of exciting action hooking up to small fish, with sea robins, small blues, short flounders and dogfish keeping everyone else busy unhooking the fish to be released back into the water.

Robin Scott of Ray Scott’s Dock in Margate said she sees a lot of family fishing excursions, especially in late August. A lot of fishing enthusiasts, many being grandparents, enjoy taking the little ones fishing when they are sure to catch fish, and even crabs. Bill “Bucktail Willie” Shillingford of Sea Isle City took three of his grandchildren out for a last hurrah before starting school and caught a variety of species.

“He ascribes to the notion that it is never too early in a childʼs life to expose them to fishing,” said Scott. "Eight-year-old Braden Hehir nabbed a sea bass, his twin brother Finn caught a porgy and 10-year-old sister Annabel added a spot to the dayʼs bounty.”

Aliki Panagopoulou, a native of Greece who is now working on the Worldwide Leatherback Turtle Trust, fished with Jim Spotila and Hal Avery had some luck with flounder before the season ended Sept. 5, catching a 21.5-inch flattie. 

The Procopio family of Mount Laurel caught a 21-inch flounder on a family outing, and the Becker family of Margate nailed some large blue claws.

John Wilkinson of Babu Charters out of Brigantine reported that they did a bay trip last week, but only caught small blues, sea bass and fluke. He said there was nothing big enough to take home, and with the closing of fluke and sea bass season he thinks fishing is going to become a lot tougher until the stripers arrive. In the meantime, he said, he is going to be doing inshore trolling for blues, bonito, tuna, Spanish mackerel and mahi-mahi, or trying just off the beach for weakfish and croaker.

Chris Mozitis of Wee Cat Charters in Ocean City reported that trips up the Great Egg River produced spot, perch, bluefish, sea bass and striped bass. He said the fish took to bloodworms and various lures like Yo-Zuri 3D Crystal minnows. Kingfish rigs with 1 or 2 ounces of weight worked too. The boat is now offering tautog and shallow water striped bass trips, while preparing for the fall migration of big stripers and blues.

Tammie Carbohn of Avalon Hodge Podge reported that there were still fishing biting inshore.

Ryan Ferdinand from Merchantville weighed in a 20-inch, 2.92-pound weakfish caught in the bay on clam. Hannah Loughran, 9, and her brother Shane caught a pair of striped bass in the bay using cut bait. Hannah's was 32 inches and weighed 18.29 pounds, and her brother’s was 30 inches and weighed 10.09 pounds.

Carbohn said that the reef systems have been producing when the boats could get out there; however, a lot of anglers were complaining of the heavy weights needed just to hold bottom.

The Royal Flush out of Wildwood is sailing two trips daily in the ocean and currently catching triggerfish, snapper blues, kingies and weakies. Some notable catches this past week are John Dietrich of Oley, Pa., with a triggerfish; Bud Duffy, Bette Dructor and Jennifer Matthews of Philadelphia with flounder; and Nora Stone of Paoli, Pa., with a sea bass.

Before casting a line this fall, all anglers must inquire about the free saltwater fishing registration. See countmyfish.noaa.gov or call 888-674-7411 to find out if a license is needed to fish a desired species. Print out the certificate and keep in on your person while fishing. Stop in any bait and tackle shop for more details.

Fishing reports and photos can be emailed to Heather Holtzapfel James at heatherholtzapfel@yahoo.com. Reports need to be in by Sunday evening of each week.


AM Low AM High PM Low PM High

Friday 3:20 9:29 3:41 9:48

Saturday 4:01 10:11 4:29 10:32

Sunday 4:45 10:58 5:22 11:21

Monday 5:33 11:50 6:21 none

Tuesday 6:28 12:17 7:26 12:50

Wednesday 7:30 1:23 8:35 1:57

Thursday 8:37 2:36 9:44 3:09

Ocean City

AM Low AM High PM Low PM High

Friday 3:49 9:52 4:10 10:11

Saturday 4:30 10:35 4:58 10:55

Sunday 5:14 11:21 5:51 11:44

Monday 6:02 none 6:50 12:13

Tuesday 6:57 12:40 7:55 1:13

Wednesday 7:59 1:46 9:04 2:21

Thursday 9:07 2:59 10:13 3:32


AM Low AM High PM Low PM High

Friday 3:15 9:24 3:36 9:43

Saturday 3:56 10:06 4:24 10:27

Sunday 4:40 10:53 5:17 11:16

Monday 5:28 11:45 6:16 none

Tuesday 6:23 12:12 7:21 12:45

Wednesday 7:25 1:18 8:30 1:52

Thursday 8:32 2:31 9:39 3:04

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