Galloway's Reeds Road School practices green magic

Entertainer Bill Kerwood performed his "Magic of Recycling" show Friday, Oct. 14 for the students and staff at Reeds Road Elementary School in Galloway. 


GALLOWAY_ A recycling magician visited Reeds Road Elementary School, a reward for its green efforts of recently becoming a Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

Entertainer Bill Kerwood performed his "Magic of Recycling" show Friday, Oct. 14 for the students and staff. The theme of the magic show of recycling goes hand in hand with what the school is focusing on.

Galloway Township and the Office of Sustainability are pleased to recognize the Reeds Road School for its recent Silver Certification from Sustainable Jersey for Schools, said Melanie Lynch, Galloway’s chief sustainability officer.

The township funded the event through the municipality's recycling tonnage grant.

“They gave us this event with grant money. When you use grant money from recycling to give kids a show in the midst of them recycling, it really brings everything together,” said Kevin Lightcap, vice principal of Reeds Road Elementary School.

Lightcap said it was a welcome treat that the students and teachers enjoyed. He said the staff and students worked hard to earn Silver Certification from Sustainable Jersey Schools.

Certified schools excelled in areas such as improving energy efficiency and health and wellness, integrating sustainability into student learning and reducing waste. Reeds Road joins 83 schools that achieved the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification in 2016. A total of 509 schools and 204 school districts are participating in the program overall.

“We appreciate everything the township has done to help support our "Go Green" initiative,” Lightcap said.

The students and staff have to work hard to make the school as green as it can possibly be, Lightcap said.

“This isn’t a school thing. This is a district thing,” Lightcap said.

“We have to talk to our custodians about what cleaners they use and maintenance workers about the efficiency of the building,” he said. “We have to make sure the buildings are efficient.”

Recycling continues to be the big push at Reeds Road Elementary School.

Leftover lunch food is being separated into different containers for composting, Lightcap said.

“To have a green curriculum you need all hands on deck,” Lightcap said. “We will continue with the recycling. We will have the environmental fair at the end of the year. It is an ongoing process. It has to be something you can consistently do.”

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