GALLOWAY – Hillary Clinton was the winner of a schoolwide presidential election held Tuesday, Nov. 1 at Roland Rogers Elementary School.

Clinton collected the most popular votes and more than 270 electoral votes to secure the win, ESL teacher Jose Diaz said Friday.

Students and staff could see the live count of the popular vote every minute and updates of the electoral votes at least every half-hour. Results can be seen online in each classroom and on a large electoral map in the cafeteria. Recorded student announcements of the winner of each state were played throughout the day, Diaz said.

“There were many close races. Four required a coin flip due to a tie,” he said.

Diaz put in a lot of extra hours to make the mock vote possible.

“As an ESL teacher I want to let the students know about the branches of government and teach them that voting is one of the great things we have," he said. "Not many people vote, and they should." 

He said the project was a joint effort by many staff members. Diaz created the online voting website that counted all the state votes for Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

This is the third live presidential election he has been involved with.

"The students learned about the electoral process," Diaz said, adding that he made sure the maps and everything for the day were interactive. "I wanted them to see it in action."

He said Clinton clinched it by 2 p.m., and throughout the day the vote counts were read over the loudspeaker. The map would change to reflect votes through the day.

The official gave Clinton an electoral landslide. She received 474 to Trump’s 19. Johnson had 34, and Stein received 11.

Clinton also won the popular vote with 331. Trump received 155, and Johnson and Stein received 86 and 38, respectively.

“It was a great learning experience for all students,” Diaz said. “Students learned about the electoral college and the importance of voting. We want all our students to become enthusiastic participants in our democracy.”

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