There are many benefits to a rain garden. If you have a wet basement or water that pools on your property a rain garden may help. With very little effort you can put that water to work and create a very attractive landscape feature. A rain garden is a vegetated depression specifically designed to capture and use rainwater and snowmelt, i.e., storm water.

Rain gardens provide a number of benefits:

Offer a unique, beneficial landscape feature

Provide a habitat for wildlife such as birds and butterflies

Reduce flooding and water damage

Absorb more water than traditional lawns

Recharge ground water

Remove pollutants from storm water

It is not very difficult to create and install a rain garden. Please reference the Rutgers fact sheet for more information:

The Galloway Municipal Building has a very nice example of a rain garden. It was installed and created by a local Boy Scout for his Eagle Scout Project. It is located to the right of the parking lot directly in front of the main lobby entrance.

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Submitted by Go Green Galloway outreach correspondent Daina Walters