Kudos to Galloway Council for crafting an ordinance that enacts commonsense regulations on raising backyard chickens in residential neighborhoods.

Currently Galloway has no law regulating fowl, so regardless of which neighborhood you live in or how small your yard is, your neighbor could raise an unlimited number of chickens next door to you, which brings excessive squawking and diminishes your property value. There is also nothing stopping someone from purchasing roosters, which would really wreak havoc on your peace and quiet.

This ordinance will ensure that these animals are properly cared for as well as reasonably limit the number of chickens one could raise in populated residential areas like Absecon Highlands and Smithville. It also provides a very generous time period for compliance.

Finally, the ordinance does not affect farms or areas zoned for farmland, nor does it affect property owners with large plots of land in more rural areas. It strikes a happy balance between protecting the quiet enjoyment of residential neighborhoods while at the same time ensuring that citizens continue to have the opportunity to raise backyard chickens.

While government sometimes has a habit of screwing things up, there are public servants out there who do the right thing and help improve the lives of their constituents. In this instance, Mayor Purdy and Township Council are making Galloway Township an even better place to live. It is my hope that they adopt this ordinance as soon as possible.

Jeff Campbell