I'm sure everyone wants what is best for our dedicated school employees. The problem with the support they are asking is that it is costly to taxpayers. When 60 percent of your tax bill is related to school salaries and benefits, then you have to ask why we supporting a system where the taxpayer pays most of the costs (health-pension) benefits.

I fully support those in the education system. It's hard to support a system that favors 435 workers. Yes, they deserve a salary that is fair, but not one where they pay little for their benefits. The taxpayer shouldn't be paying the majority of these costs.

Taxpayers should be responsible for the salaries and part of the benefits, not the majority. What would be nice is to show the salaries of the employees and the share they pay toward these benefits and the share the taxpayers are paying. This would allow everyone to see for themselves how much the employees pay and how much the taxpayers pay.

The school budget does not give a breakdown for the salary range and what each individual pays. That information is needed to compare equal salaries and see how much each person is contributing toward benefits. This would go a long way in letting people see for themselves how fair these contracts are. 

David Wessel


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